© 2018 Church of Chop ®  - A Deviant Mind Production - All designs and photography are the sole property of the artist, Scharf.

My name is Scharf, aka "Reverend Scharf."  This is my personal art gallery dedicated to the celebration of the Kustom Kulture lifestyle, that I have loved and lived for all of my life. All the art, photography, custom/handmade products and apparel on this site are my own original creations.

I have been publishing my own magazine (Renegade Magazine) for over a decade now,

featuring my own photography and graphic design. As a freelance artist I have produced everything from technical illustrations, to ads, web design, flyers and more for both large and small companies.

All the art, photography, custom made industrial pipe lamps, original apparel and other custom designed products are all my own creations. I have been creating art ever since I was a little renegade kid drawing motorcycles and hot rods all over my school desk, much to the disapproval of my teachers.

Some may call me an artist, I don't know about that? I've always found that title a little pretentious. I'm not a photographer, illustrator or graphic designer, I create with many mediums. I like to think of myself as a maker of things.

About the artist


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