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Renegade Biker Magazine #1

In 2005 I was asked to produce a biker magazine that was to be a biker guide type of magazine that was to be distributed free at rallies around the country. This was one of those do the work first then you'll get paid, well you know how that goes… When the I had the first issue completed and was expecting to get paid, I was instead asked to sell ads for the magazine as well if I wanted to get paid. At this point I had done everything, setup and did interviews, photographed and written several articles, and stories on bikes and events, so I decided to change the name and make it my own, in 2006 I produced the first issue of Renegade Biker. There were only 500 copies of the first issue.


Billy Lane of Choppers Inc was the feature article, along with articles on the Art of The Motorcycle, plus other pro bike builders of the day including Wide Open Cycles, Mad Creations, Lake County Choppers, Twisted Choppers. Plus there events schedules and maps in the first few issues before I took it more in the direction that I wanted to rather than sticking with the normal way of doing things.

Renegade Biker Magazine #1

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