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Church of Chop

The Church of Chop is my place of worship, my personal gallery of art dedicated to the worship of the almighty combustion engine in all of it's glorious forms!  We praise the virtues of custom motorcycles, hotrods, ratrods, choppers, bobbers, vintage and classics.  Can I get an Amen, brothers and sisters of Chop!

We at the Church of Chop, are the greasy fingered, gearheads and speed freaks, the lovers of old machines, the creators of art, the saviors of old iron, by keeping these old American relics alive, we are keeping the American dream alive.  The Church of Chop is for those of us who love and respect the old school ways, where a man isn't afraid to get his hands dirty to restore an old classic or to chop and slam his favorite ride to create his own vision, his own dream machine.

We respect both the man and his machine.


Whiskey, Weed, Grease and Gasoline are all my brain and body need!

Model: Corina Cline

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Established 2007

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Established 2007